Play to Earn
P2E Economy.
Miners zone provides opportunity to the players digitally own NFT game assets that are in balanced demand in the market. The game will attract thousands of players around the globe looking to “play to earn” as an income stream. The game will strike a fine balance of engaging fun experience with “play to earn” element that is a need for this generation of players.
Miners Zone provides economic model where players with small investment will be able to join the community as well to earn passive income. Any player can join the game with minting just One Game asset. To liquidate their assets players can trade these NFTs in our game marketplace.
With MinersZone, players are not stuck with limited options to earn but empowered with the flexibility to decide how they want to earn and when they want to liquidate to get income. The team at Minerszone is committed to constantly review and refine the ecosystem to ensure balance in the Economy and longevity of the project.

Multiple Income streams on MinersZone:

  1. 1.
    InGame Rewards
  2. 2.
    NFT Marketplace
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
  • Players will be on a constant hunt and mining in the zone to collect rewards
  • Miners, Houses will be on a limited quantity basis. This is to ensure competitiveness to all players in MinersZone Game, with the value of scarcity of rare NFT assets. This provides an opportunity to new players to join in and purchase it on the marketplace from players who are keen to sell.
  • players can also choose to rent out their high value NFT equipment to other players to play and collect “rental income” for the duration. (Feature to be released in the future)
  • For people who like a more stable stream of earnings, they can stake MZN on Staking Platform to earn MZN rewards. This would be another steady income stream for the people who do not want to play the game but want to become the part of MinersZone Community. (Feature to be released in the future)
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